Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Classrecon collect its school data?
Our staff researches and selects data from only accurate government sources for each school entered. Each state's data source can be found on the data source page.
Can I request that a state or school(s) be entered?
Sure! After our staff reviews your request, within 1 - 2 business days your state or school(s) will be entered into Classrecon's database. We will notify you when it is entered.

IMPORTANT: Please include the name of the school or state, and address (street, city, state, zip) of school(s), if applicable. We need to be able verify that the school exists.

Request to enter a state or school here.
Why is my location incorrect?
Classrecon may not be reflecting your true location for a few reasons.
  • Our geolocation provider, may not be providing accurate results for your external IP address of
  • If you are in an internet café or public network, the network is most likely behind a proxy in a different location from where you are located.
  • Geolocation may be altered if you are behind a VPN.
  • Your IP reflects the location of your ISP's control center, not where you currently are.
Fix it! » To get more accurate location information, consider switching networks, disabling your VPN, or disconnect from any proxies.
I've signed up to the mailing list, but want to be removed now. What do I do?
Contact us on our contact form with your email and we'll remove it ASAP.
If you have a question that hasn't yet been answered please contact via our contact form.